Here you can find some projects I have worked on and companies I have worked at . You can download my résumé or see my code on Github.

Technologies I have used

Python (Django, Flask), PHP (Zend), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), MySQL & PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, ReactJS, Apache, Ansible, Heroku, Azure, Git.

Tools I have used

Figma, Miro, Trello, GoogleForms, Github/Gitlab, Jira, Basecamp.

Methodologies I have used

Agile (Kanban and Scrum), ShapeUp, TDD, CI/CD.

Companies I worked for (in reverse chronological order)

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Let’s work together!

MakeYourMaps & Sync (CareerFoundry Product Management Course) | 2023 | Github


MakeYourMaps Persona for Dora the Explorer

GoogleMaps-like product.


Sync First Slide from Team Alignment Presentation

Video Conferencing product.


Babbel Travel | 2019 - 2021

Babbel Travel Website

Learning Languages with locals.

Babbel Guide | 2021

Babbel’s Guide for learning Languages

Babbel Live | 2021 - 2022

Babbel Live Website


DCMN TV and Mobile Analytics Tool | 2016 - 2017

DC Analytics Website

Offline (TV) and Online (Mobile) analytics service.

DCMN DSP | 2017 - 2018

The Demand-Side Platform consisted of many Go microservices and a Rails backend + frontend. Management of add with rogrammatic advertising, real-time bidding, rich media ads, etc.


Python Jobs Ireland | 2015 - 2016 | Github Website

An Open Source jobs board for Python, the programmming language, exclusive to Ireland. It was built using Django and it is deployed to Heroku through Travis CI.

ClassIS | LearningData

Classis | 2013 - 2016 | Github

classis platform website

A School Management Information System, a multi tenant web application, written in a custom PHP framework. Running on Apache, MySQL for database and Git for version control.

It is a complete student tracking, reporting, and information management. A different instance was deployed for each school, on their own servers, which we maintained and supported.

Classis Ansible | 2016 | Github

Ansible recipe written for automatisation of Classis.

Classis API | 2016

classisapi website

A REST API written using Flask Python framework and its web client written in Javascript/jQuery.

Classic | 2014-2015

Schoolbag | 2014 - 2016

schoolbag website

An e-diary application for teachers, students and parents built using Phalcon PHP.


python_collection | 2018 | Github

A collection of python scripts exercises.

devicedetection | 2019 | api Github frontend Github

REST API using Lumen PHP microframework for Device Type and OS detection and ReactJS for client.

whatsapp_parser | 2018 | Github

Parser for Whatsapp exports. Jupyter Notebook and matplotlib graphs for whatsapp stats: Github.

pokestats | 2018 | Github

Command line tool for PokeAPI stats.

magicsquare | 2018 | Github

Script that builds Magic Squares with dimension n*n, where n is an odd positive integer.

restaurants_api | 2018 | Github

REST API for restaurants using Django REST Framework.

trees | 2018 | Github

A simple Python script for POST requests only using the standard library.

python_cv | 2018 | Github

A Python script to generate a CV and cover letter.

htmltopdf | 2016 | Github

A small API to convert a URL to a PDF file and download it. Written using Flask Python framework and deployed to Heroku through Travis CI.

dotfiles | 2016 - Present | Github

My customised dotfiles (tmux, vimrc, zshrc).

School Internships Management System | 2012

A management system for the students’ internships. It was built in PHP with IIS web server and MySQL for the database.


Personal Website | 2016 - Present | Github

Personal website, Built in Jekyll and deployed to Github Pages.

El Mundo en mi Cocina | 2016 - 2019 | Github website

Mum’s recipes website,, for desserts around the world. Built in Jekyll and deployed to Github Pages.

Follow her instagram to see her latest recipes.

Magneto Producciones | 2012

Corporate website for Magneto Producciones. Participated in a team of three writing frontend code.

Volunteering and additional experience

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You can download my résumé.

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