I like building things people can use, creating something from “nothing” and solving puzzles and problems. Who wouldn’t want to be a detective looking for impossible to find bugs and always learning something new? It’s rewarding and challenging and that’s why I love it!

I have six years of experience working mostly on backend, but I got my hands dirty on frontend and some devops tasks. I have a drive for clean, readable, testable, and well-documented code. My favourite working environment: Linux + Tmux + Vim.

I think version control tools such as Git are a very important part of software development (I’ve been using Gitflow for a couple of years now) and I am all for Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, and Code reviews. I am able to work in a team but also perform some tasks unsupervised.

What I am looking for in a company is personal and professional growth. I have strong desire to learn and improve my skills.

You can check out my open source projects on Github here.

Technologies I’ve used

Python (Django, Flask), PHP (Zend), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), MySQL & PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS/Javascript, ReactJS, Apache, Ansible, Heroku, Azure, Git.

A few projects I’ve worked on:

Web Applications


DCMN TV and Mobile Analytics Tool 2016 - 2017

Offline (TV) and Online (Mobile) analytics service.

  • I started working with PHP (Zend Framework) for the Offline Analytics RESTFUL API, contributing with new features and mantainance, code reviews, etc.

  • After some time I started using ReactJS and Less on the frontend side of the TV Analytics tool. Previously to this I only used pure Javascript or JQuery, so I had to learn a new technology to be able to collaborate with my team mates.

DCMN DSP 2017 - 2018

  • When Realzeit joined DCMN I was offered a new position in the new team. I had to take over the Ruby on Rails API part of the project and act a bit as a middleware in between the Go backend developers and the frontend developer while working very closely with out Product Manager.

    I achieved to deliver interactive ads compatibility with the API, which was successful, but I could’ve handle automatisation of some processes better.


Python Jobs Ireland 2015 - 2016


A jobs board for Python, the programmming language, exclusive to Ireland. It was built using Django and it is deployed to Heroku through Travis CI.

  • I have collaborated in a team of three, another developer and a designer, writing backend code, unit testing and documentation.

  • We achieved to make it popular amongst the Python community in Dublin and during the Pycon Ireland 2015 Sprints we had a few external pull requests.

Learning Data

Classis 2013 - 2016


A School Management Information System, a multi tenant web application, written in a custom PHP framework. Running on Apache, MySQL for database and Git for version control.

It is a complete student tracking, reporting and information management. A different instance is deployed for each school.

  • I have delivered multiple features and improvements for backend, frontend and infrastructure. I’ve added Capistrano to automate the deployments to each of or all instances, this addition made updating all the decentralised instances a much faster process. Implemented various API integrations for file sharing, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and information synchronisation with Active Directory and MSSQL databases, as well as the integration with Schoolbag.

  • Created customised XML and XSLT templates for school reports.

  • I migrated our instances to Azure and managed them. I added monitorisation and automatisation which improved our efficiency and downtimes.

Classis Ansible 2016


Ansible recipe written for automatisation of Classis.

  • I implemented it with Vagrant to improve the efficiency of the development process.

  • I delivered the Ansible recipe for Classis to deploy complete instances of Classis in minutes, this was a very complicated and troublesome process. Includes server configuration and a demo Classis application.

Classis API 2016


A REST API written using Flask Python framework and its web client written in Javascript/jQuery.

  • I built it to act as a router to many different databases, to be able to fetch data from the different Classis instances. Fabric is used for its deployment. It proved to be a challenge for me at the time as I’ve never built an API completely from scratch before.

    Thanks to this API schools could migrate data to different systems much faster than before and in a more standard way.

Classic 2014-2015

I mantained and added a few new features to a School Parent Portal written in PHP using the ELGG framework.

Schoolbag 2014 - 2016


An e-diary application for teachers, students and parents built using Phalcon PHP.

  • I delivered the Office 365 integration, synchronisation with the directory and authentication, adding Schoolbag to Azure Marketplace.

  • I have implemented various other API integrations (REST and SOAP) from data providers such as: Classis, Advanced Learning, VSWare, LDAP and Active Directory.

  • I also collaborated with the Schoolbag team fixing bugs in the backend and frontend.


python_collection 2018 - Present

A collection of python scripts exercises.

devicedetection 2019 - Present api frontend

REST API using Lumen PHP microframework for Device Type and OS detection and ReactJS for client.

whatsapp_parser 2018 - Present

Parser for Whatsapp exports. Jupyter Notebook and matplotlib graphs for whatsapp stats: .

pokestats 2018 - Present

Command line tool for PokeAPI stats.

magicsquare 2018 - Present

Script that builds Magic Squares with dimension n*n, where n is an odd positive integer.

restaurants_api 2018 - Present

REST API for restaurants using Django REST Framework.

trees 2018 - Present

A simple Python script for POST requests only using the standard library.

python_cv 2018 - Present

A Python script to generate a CV and cover letter.

htmltopdf 2016 - Present

A small API to convert a URL to a PDF file and download it.

  • Written using Flask Python framework and deployed to Heroku through Travis CI.

dotfiles 2016 - Present

My customised dotfiles (tmux, vimrc, zshrc).


School Internships Management System 2012

A management system for the students’ internships. It was built in PHP with IIS web server and MySQL for the database.

  • I designed the frontend, the architecture and wrote the backend code. I was part of a four members team.

    It was my first PHP project working in a team and I had to learn a lot really fast.


Personal Website 2016 - Present


My personal website, mariusavram.com. Done in Jekyll and deployed to Github Pages.

El Mundo en mi Cocina 2016 - Present


Mom’s recipes website, elmundoenmicocina.es, for desserts around the world. Done in Jekyll and deployed to Github Pages.

  • I have also photographed and ate most of the desserts.

Follow her instagram to see the latest recipes.

Magneto Producciones 2012

Corporate website for Magneto Producciones. I participated in a team writing frontend code.

Volunteering and additional experience

  • I taught children programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Scratch) during a year at a local Coder Dojo.

    CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer led movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people aged 7-17. CoderDojo puts an emphasis on self motivated learning through project work, peer to peer mentoring and the creation of socially innovative projects.

    I found it very challenging at the beginning and it took me a while to get used to being a “teacher” and try to challenge the kids in an exciting way by coming up with different tasks for them.

  • I have also volunteered at Collision Conf 15 in Las Vegas and Web Summit 15 in Dublin.

  • I participated in various hackathons and Startup Weekends.

    I find hackathons to be very challenging because you usually have to jump in a team with complete strangers you’ve never worked with before and build something in a very short period of time.