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Are you looking for a Software Developer or Product Manager (or both) with a proven track record of turning ideas into reality? Look no further!

I am Marius Avram, a professional at the intersection of software development and product management based in Berlin, Germany.

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Software Development

With a robust background in full-stack development, I bring proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks. From crafting efficient, scalable, and clean code to optimising user experiences, I achieve successful software solutions with my technical skills.

With a strong foundation in web development, I specialise in Django, Rails, ReactJS, and VueJS.

You can check my code on Github and see what projects I’ve worked on here.

Product Management

Additionally, my skills extend to Product Management, ensuring your projects are not only technically robust but also strategically aligned with your business goals. As a strategic thinker and Product Manager, I drive product lifecycles from concept to market.

My hands-on experience includes defining product roadmaps, conducting market research, prototyping, prioritisation, wireframing, and implementing agile methodologies to ensure rapid and effective product iterations.

Innovation and Problem Solving

I thrive on solving complex problems and driving innovation. Whether it’s streamlining workflows, enhancing user interfaces, or developing breakthrough features, I am dedicated to creating solutions that propel businesses forward.

Collaborative Team Player

I understand the importance of collaboration and effective communication. Throughout my career, I have seamlessly worked with cross-functional teams, fostering a culture of creativity, efficiency, and excellence.

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I am currently open to exciting opportunities and various work arrangements (including permanent positions, contract roles, freelancing, and consulting opportunities, remote or hybrid) where I can contribute my skills and passion for making ideas real.

Let’s connect if you are looking for a Software Developer or Product Manager (or both) who can drive your projects to success!

Calling all non-profit organisations and individuals working for a cause! I’m open to collaborating on a volunteer basis, leveraging free tools and technology to support your initiatives. Let’s connect and discuss how I can contribute to amplify the impact of your valuable work.

You can reach out to me at via email to discuss how we can collaborate. Or you can book a quick introduction meeting with me on GoogleMeet or Zoom.

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