In the current state of affairs, economic climate, and VCs pumping the breaks on investments, I am pleased to collaborate with two great Invest-mutt Advisory Board members.

I am happy and excited to introduce you to Dino & Mio. They were looking to expand their Paw-tfolios, and as they are actively pursuing top tail-ent, they chose to collaborate with me, as I am always there anyway. They could only go so far without me opening the door for them.

Dino CHAO Pawfessional Portrait Mio CHAO Pawfessional Portrait

Their greatest weaknesses are that they work too hard, they care too much, and sometimes they can be too invested in their jobs. And their strengths… well, their weaknesses are actually strengths. 1

Working with them has been very refreshing and enlightening. They are masterminds in their domain, at the top of the Bark-eting Strategy game. They are loyal and committed, sticking by my side in these ruff times, very fetch-nologically knowledgeable, and constantly ahead of their pack. They bring an infectious energy to everything they do and are excellent problem solvers; they will figure out the most efficient way to get that treat. Always eager to explore new territories.

They might not speak my language, but their communication style is very effective. They will always let me know when they need a return on their investment in kibble form. They are master market manipulators with a very high emotional IQ, making the treats come their way one way or another. They have perfected their puppy-eyes look.

Sometimes, they can display very inappropriate behaviour during board meetings; they know no boundaries and have no respect for personal space, and they have the best instincts for bad decisions. But taking risks is their thing; that’s what makes them the best at what they do. (Can someone tell me what they actually do? I’ve been paying these guys in kibble for some time now, and I am not sure I got anything in return yet.)

“No idea is a bad idea!” Mio & Dino on Fur-tune 500 (November 2023)

They excel at being attentive, ensuring they don’t miss any important details during our meetings, like squirrels. They like giving immediate and honest feedback and can be very loud about it.

They are the best at navigating through uncertainty when we face market changes, never taking things for granted. They never assume I will come back home after a couple of hours or even minutes, even though I always DO; they never assume they WILL get their pay in kibble, although they always DO.

They will sniff any lucrative opportunities, be it the leftover food on the top of the counter or in the garbage can. Their focus is unmatched, always on top of their business goals despite obstacles. And they are not afraid of telling how things are; they will be the first to bark out their thoughts. They do not fear getting their paws dirty by walking in that mud puddle, running after a squirrel, or digging for dirt.

The downside of working with the best of the best is work-life balance; they will request your full attention and time. They are constantly asking for kibble, pets, and cuddles.

They are very good at celebrating success by wagging their tails and sneezing like maniacs.

So far, they are very paw-leased with me, and I am pleased with them. They will make the impossible paw-ssible. They have provided me with unwavering support, always believing in my vision (because theirs is pretty shitty, to be honest, any strange object in the dark can be a threat to them).

Overall, I could not have chosen better individuals for this and am very fur-tunate to work with them! Two paws up for a job well done!

Now, some kibble for thought;

“With the weather temperature decreasing more and more in the Northern Hemisphere in the coming months, consider finding a local animal shelter and helping however you can. Either by donating food or blankets (check with the shelters, as some might need specific things or have too many of one thing) or volunteering, you can also consider fostering a pet, as shelters are usually overpopulated.”