Message inside the book

The book around the world

Please read this book (if you haven’t yet), take a picture of it with something relevant to your culture/city/country or that’s meaningful to you, then add your details to the journey log and send it to someone else you know (preferably in a different city or country).

  • If you don’t know anyone who could be interested in participating, don’t worry! Just send an email to and you will be given an address you can use.


  • Please do not keep this book, let its journey around the world continue!

  • Please make sure the person you send it to understands the experiment (postage fees for national and international delivery are needed).

  • Please add your details to the log table, expand it if there’s no more space on the current one.

  • Please send the picture or pictures you took to All pictures with be featured on the website.

  • Please send an email to with the city and country where you sent the book to. A map of the journey will be featured on the website.

  • Enjoy being part of a worldwide experiment!

It also includes a table for the journey log. Example:


What is the experiment and what I expect from it

I have always been interested in experiments and traveling, so I started an original experiment by leaving books in airports and train stations back in 2016. Unfortunately, I have never received a message from anyone so far. I decided to change it a bit and give it another try.

Traveling is a big part of my life and I thought connecting people through traveling and books without even meeting would be an awesome idea.

I thought it would be an interesting experiment, I could display some charts and maps with the data about them, if it happened to be successful.

My new approach is to create a chain reaction where every person that receives the book will actually send it to someone else they know. I am curious to see how far will it get and how many different locations will it travel to.

It might reach a point where the book is stuck with someone that cannot find someone else to send it to, so I need to have a backup list with addresses that I can share with said person so the book can continue its journey.

If you want to be part of it just send me an email with you address. Your address will only be shared with that person and will never be available anywhere online. Fair warning, this will require national or international postage fees.

The book

Around the World in 80 Days

Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne

The book I have chosen is a classic and it matches perfectly the theme of the presented experiment. In this case Phileas Fogg is the book itself and there is no time limit.


As the book arrives to new destinations and I get notified about it, I will update the website with the new location and the overall journey on a map. Hopefully, after some time, I’ll have enough data to do some analysis as well.

Website example

This experiment depends on the collaboration of the people. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

First (failed) version of the experiment

The original experiment consisted of leaving a book with a message of what to do on a bench in a public place. The person who would take it would read the book, then leave it somewhere else in a public place for someone else to pick up and repeat the process. I also included an email address for people to contact me so I would know each location of the books. It didn’t work, so I decided to change my approach. It was a hitchhiking approach for the book and I was not aware of similar experiments until recently.

Books I left in public places for people to pick up and do the same, let me know if you know of someone who might have found it, would be interested to know if it worked but just didn’t get notified about it:

Good Omens Of Mice and Men Elon Musk

Book Date Place
Good Omens 11/10/2016 Barajas Airport, Madrid
Remote 11/10/2016 Barajas Airport, Madrid
Elon Musk 07/11/2016 Dublin Airport, Dublin
The Time Machine 27/11/2016 Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin
Of Mice and Men 31/10/2018 Schönefeld Airport, Berlin